The Bully Problem

I had SUCH a great time performing in the workshop production of the brand new musical The Bully Problem, by Michael Gordon Shapiro at NMI/ANMT in North Hollywood!


Painted Brain and Project Return

My artistic work is leveling up by way of helping others. In February, I finished a certification program from Project Return to work with people with mental health needs, and I’ve been helping out at Painted Brain, which is an incredible organization that offers artists living with any degree of mental illness a safe and positive space to commune and work on art together.


My new organization, ARTISTS UNBOUND will be launching later this year. Stay tuned! 🙂



“The Election of 2016”

Ahh, the election… Pretty much the worst time of our lives, but before November 8th, when we lived in a world of hope, I helped Rob Schow produce this Hamilton Parody:


Around the Clock Play Festival at Rogue Machine Theatre — Sept. 2016

I am SO sad that I can’t find any photos of this (if you’re reading this and you took some, PRETTY PLEASE send them to me!!!) because this was a fantastic show. I played an uptight religious woman unsuccessfully attempting to seduce a gay man to turn him straight because her church is making her. Such a funny script. I hope we get to perform it again sometime! Do Right was written by the very talented Amanda Mauer, directed by Heather L. Tyler, and co-starred Amir Levi and Annie Hamilton.


Script development with Theatre Unleashed

I’ve been working with Greg Crafts and other members of Theatre Unleashed with a few script readings and some script development. They are a great bunch of people. I’m honored that they value my feedback, and I look forward to doing more work with them in the future!


Adjuncts (wt) with Alison Minami

This summer I produced the three first episodes of an upcoming webseries written by and starring my lovely friend Alison Minami. Stay tuned for a premiere date!

On set!


Re-Committed at We Make Movies

A pilot script that I co-wrote with Michael Beardsley, Kelly Mullis, and Geoffrey Gould has been in the works for a long time now, and we got to do a stage performance of it at “Up On Our Feet” night at We Make Movies. The show is called Re-Committed, and is about four therapists-in-training who are desperate to graduate but are stuck in a remedial class with a kooky professor until they can get past issues of their own. I mean this in the humblest way, but we are all utterly hilarious in this. 😉 More fun photos here!

Willow is SO over it. 🙂


Around the Clock Play Festival at Rogue Machine Theatre — Dec. 2015

I played a Cinderella of sorts in a short play written by Megan Wright, directed by Elina de Santos, and co-starring Victoria Hoffman and Hersha Parady. Great team of great ladies!

I got to wear this baby!


Best Fake Friends in Portland

This summer I had a really cool opportunity to spend a few weeks on location in Portland working on set for indie feature Best Fake Friends. It stars Lauren Bowles and Victoria Smurfit, who were both SO lovely to work with. I did all of the extras casting and coordinated them on set, helped with lead cast housing and transportation, and worked a bit on pre-production and various other production assistance fun stuff. I met some great people, got to see some of Portland, and learned more about producing on a low budget. It’s always good to spend time on set; it helps you be a smarter actor and know how to not get in the way! 🙂

There’s me on the right, talking to the 2nd AD! It was over 100˚ that day, but at least we were at a GORGEOUS, huge, fancy lake house!


Harper and the Hoarder

Proud to be supporting new works again this year (a big tenant of the #Pro99 campaign!). I was featured in the premiere performance of a brand new play by John Glass called Harper and the Hoarder, a drama inspired by real events about a woman named Faye Alexander, a hoarder looking for a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird given to her by her old friend Harper Lee, with whom she has a complicated past.

Backstage with playwright John Glass and my partner in crime (literally!!) Jen Vogt-Lowell
Backstage with playwright John Glass and my partner in crime (literally!!) Jen Vogt-Lowell


National Domestic Violence Hotline PSA

You’ve been warned– this is a very sad video!! I am SOOOOO happy to be a part of promoting such an important message. Huge high fives to everyone at Gnarly Tree Productions for making this happen.


Nice Things at Rogue Machine 

I co-assistant directed an absolutely fantastic play by my wonderful friend Vince Melocchi. I love working at Rogue Machine and Nice Things is such a heartfelt, relevant, passionate play (you can check out a sample of it HERE at the New Play Exchange!).

FirstStage Script Contest Finals– For the Dream  

I played the lead role in a staged reading of a one-act play called For the Dream. It was a finalist in the 16th annual one-act contest finals for FirstStage, a non-profit dedicated to developing new works for stage and screen. The play was avant-garde with an Ionesco vibe, and I got to play a June Cleaver-esque housewife and run around with fake blood all over my face. Hooray!

The Roles We’ll Never Play

I was cast in a monthly cabaret series called “The Roles We’ll Never Play” at The Blank Theatre, directed and produced by Nicole Dominguez and Ellen D. Williams. Each month actors sing songs from roles they would never get cast in (different gender, race, age, etc). SO MUCH FUN, and damn does it feel good to get back up on stage with fellow musical theatre nerds. For the first show, I sang “Your Daddy’s Son” from Ragtime and “All I Need is the Girl” from Gypsy. It was rockin’.

Rehearsing for The Roles We'll Never Play! Keyboardist - Daniel Alexander; photo credit - Ellen D. Williams
Rehearsing for The Roles We’ll Never Play! Keyboardist – Daniel Alexander; photo credit – Ellen D. Williams

Sanlam Wealthsmiths Commercial

Dude. I am the entire female chorus in this commercial. 🙂

Translation Tango

Yay! I filmed this great comedic short called Translation Tango at YouTube Studios. They have such an amazing facility and I feel so thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot there.  The short is produced by We Make Movies and I have really been enjoying working with them and their energy and mission to go out and create.

Selfie right before jumping on set!
Selfie right before jumping on set with Eric Altman (who also wrote it)!


I’ve had a great time shooting episodes for the webseries Wannabees with Aysha Wax and Marian Bruno. I play Aysha’s roommate, whose life keeps getting ruined by Aysha and Marian’s antics. I will be recurring in season two, soon to be released on FOX Digital’s channel, Madatoms. Woohoo!


The Noise of Our Time Reading

I  love doing readings of new works!!! I was in a lovely staged reading of a play at the Stage Door Repertory Theatre in Anaheim called The Noise of Our Time by John Glass. It’s a political drama set in 2003 in the poly-sci department of a small, east coast liberal arts college. I played Dr. Isabel Brown, the hardcore liberal professor. Fitting. 😉

The Noise of our Times by John Glass
The Noise of our Times by John Glass

WRNG in Studio City

The first season of webseries WRNG in Studio City is now on Youtube! Click here for all of season one. The show is about a group of newscasters who lose all their funding and must make up the news to survive. I play a recurring character named Janeen who is enthusiastically trying to help keep the station alive. Updates and info available on the WRNG Facebook page or on Twitter at @WRNGinStudioCit. Fun photos below! 

WRNG in Studio City, filming. Courtsey Greg Machlin.


Cast Photo. Courtesy Greg Machlin.
Me wearing a crazy blonde wig for a fantasy episode. Courtesy Greg Machlin.

Broadway Beginnings

I had the opportunity to sing in a benefit concert called ‘Broadway Beginnings‘ which funds Camp MusArt to expose more young people to the arts. I did a pretty awesome rendition of “The Worst Pies in London.”

The Worst Pies in London


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