About Maureen

Maureen grew up in a tiny, hippie, mountain town called Ben Lomond, just outside of Santa Cruz, CA. Though interested primarily in tree forts and craft-making, Maureen turned to theatre at age 9, performing as a little genie in the Little People’s Repertory Theatre production of Aladdin. Although she had only one line, she also got to wear a lot of face paint and glitter and a yogurt cup with foil for a hat. That was pretty awesome, so Maureen decided to keep doing plays.

After an influential production of The Sound of Music, appreciating the sense of community created by the cast and the effect of storytelling on the audience, she chose to commit to storytelling for life. Before she graduated high school, Maureen had performed in over 15 shows, including starring roles like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Sandy in Grease, and Sarah in Guys and Dolls. She also trained in classical and jazz singing, dance, and acting for the camera.

Maureen left Santa Cruz to attend UC Irvine in which she studied acting and musical theatre. In her third year, she studied abroad in London and had an amazing opportunity to perform Shakespeare in the forest, take physical theatre classes, sing Aretha Franklin songs, and to see theatre all over Europe. Learning a different sensibility of acting was very enlightening and gave a more well-rounded, holistic approach to her performances. When Maureen returned, she took her new skills to a satellite musical theatre program in New York where she performed Off-Broadway, and proceeded to graduate with honors.

Maureen then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, and lives there currently. She has performed in many plays, staged readings, festivals, short films, and cabarets. She was featured in the rock musical Bare as Ivy at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood and the premiere of Dreams from a Dead City in the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She currently hosts a script-reading group, is a member of Rogue Machine Theatre, We Make Movies, and an associate member of the Theatre Producers League of Los Angeles.

Due to her many other life experiences, Maureen considers herself to be a bit of a renaissance woman. Although acting is her greatest passion, she is also fiercely passionate about supporting siblings of with children with autism (see Supersiblings), international/cultural exchange, music, feminism, and eating/making food.


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