A Late Love Letter to Logos Bookstore

I’d heard of Logos Books & Records‘ closure via FB chatter earlier this year, but it didn’t fully register until I made it up to Santa Cruz for the first time since they shut their doors. So, a belated love letter…


Dear Logos,

Thank you for everything you have given to the community for nearly five decades. I have so many truly fond memories there, most of which consist of many years spattered with MANY hours sitting alone on the cement floor in the bottom corner of the building meticulously appraising your playscript collection, pulling anything I’d never heard of before (or classics I was embarrassed not to already own), and assembling my pile for the cash register. I engaged in this ritual so frequently, I’d say that at least 50% of my large play library consists of books from your walls. Other memories include makeout sessions amongst the shelves (downstairs– always downstairs), the spine-tingling thrill of grabbing something that you sense will complete your life from the shelves nearest the checkout counter, and the feeling of warmth, respect and honor I felt in the air every time I went in there– the way you feel when you KNOW a place is tended to with thought, care, and so much love. I am so deeply sorry and saddened that the community could not return that love to keep the business alive. Of course there were many factors in the decision to close, but I feel like the community that you worked to serve let you down. If I hadn’t been so busy carrying my Logos-bought play collection from apartment to apartment to apartment all across Los Angeles, I would have made more trips up to add to my collection, and certainly would have at least come to say goodbye.

So much love,

Maureen ❤️📚


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