#LAThtr in Full Fringe-Mode!

I can feel the very palpable buzz around the community that the Fringe gears are shifting! It makes me so happy that every year the HFF organization itself is getting more organized, offering more opportunities for education and conversation to production teams, and staying on top of managing the growth that comes with each new year.

At Rogue Machine, of which I am a company member, we are producing and hosting a whole bunch of shows for Fringe. Now that we are in our second year in a more Fringe-friendly neighborhood, we’re really trying to take advantage of this season. While all my theatre buds are jumping on board with various shows, I, alas, have a very busy summer away from Los Angeles ahead of me wherein I will be a bridesmaid in two (YEP, two!) weddings over the Fringe performance schedule. Since I can’t be in any shows this year, I’m helping out with pre-production needs in any way I can.

Right now I’m assisting with auditions and callbacks for a GREAT new show that RMT will be doing at Fringe: In the Valley of the Shadow, by Katherine Cortez. The play explores the LGBTQ community in Orlando and a terrible tragedy echoing the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting. It’s so timely and impactful, and I just know that it is going to be a hit at Fringe. I’m excited to be able to help out with such an important play even though I won’t be around for all the shows!

Come visit me at callbacks tomorrow!


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