Monthly Inspirations, November 2014

Medieval Times Knights

I had never been to Medieval Times and didn’t really know what to expect, but I ended up very impressed with these dudes who play the knights in the show! At first I just thought, “Man, this is the ultimate drama nerd job,” but then I started to realize what a crazy amount of work and training there must be. Endless fight choreo, tricks with various weapons, working with/riding on/doing tricks on horses, and the show is about two hours long! It was cray. It must be so exhausting and physically demanding (but I’m sure also really fun). Cheers to them.


The Actors Fund

I heard about The Actors Fund’s services through some friends and went to an orientation to check it out. I was so delightfully surprised to hear about how many free services they offer. They have a huge program devoted to getting day jobs as well as money management and budgeting, therapy services, assistance with health insurance, and so on. Not only that, but the Fund also services anyone who works in the entertainment industry– not just actors. Check them out here.

Bitter Gertrude

I adore the Bitter Gertrude blog so so much. Melissa Hillman covers challenging, relevant issues in the arts as well as hilarious theatre nerdery. Many of her posts are incredibly insightful and like well-written academic theses– in the intelligent point of view and explication kind of way, not in the boring kind of way. She wrote a great one a few days ago about the current state of small theatres in America. DEF CHECK HER OUT.

Olallieberry Puff at The Buttery

This is seriously my favorite thing in the entire world and it brings me inexplicable joy. Unfortunately it’s all the way up in Santa Cruz. I could eat this every day of my life.


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