Monthly Inspirations, June 2014

I’m starting a new posting series about inspirational stuff I see each month. I think it’s so important to stay active and inspired as an artist, and if I can help give more exposure to things I believe in, all the better! Here goes! ūüôā


Phew! June is such a crazy month out here! Festivals galore! I volunteered for the Dances with Films Festival and helped out with an award for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, so I had the opportunity to see MANY films and plays in June. Here are some special ones:

Dances with Films first…

Personal Day

From their FB page: “The story of two disgruntled office workers who (by complete coincidence) choose the same day to bring guns to work and ‘resign’.” I watch a lot of things that I feel like could be a lot better after one or two more drafts. This was not one of them. What a great feeling to be watching something and thinking “This is just perfect.” They took¬†a topic that’s so timely and so heavy,¬†yet but an interesting, exciting, smart twist on it and made it¬†INCREDIBLY¬†funny.¬†Can’t wait to see what these peeps do next.


Wow. Soldier comes back from Afghanistan to her family and civilian life and becomes obsessed with a guy she sees in her hometown, believing him to be connected to some shiz that went down back in Afghanistan.¬†I really loved the story and was completely captivated in that “Oh shit what’s gonna happen?!?!?!?” way that I absolutely love. Tajana Prka carries this movie and did such¬†incredible work. It’s so wonderful to see a female character who’s such a badass and still extremely emotionally complex and troubled. Her¬†troubled-ness was magnificently executed, and damn it’s so exciting to see such rich inner life become exposed through great acting.


Missing Child

From the website: “A young woman, who never knew her parents, discovers that she resembles an age-progressed photo in a ‚ÄúMissing Child‚ÄĚ listing. After she meets the man who could be her father, her journey takes an unexpected turn. She uncovers secrets and lies in an attempt to find closure to her own disturbing past.”¬†Some amazing acting Kristen Ruhlin¬†in this one. It looks like she’s been in some great projects, and I really hope to see more of her. Luke¬†created a great, suspenseful vibe¬†that¬†was both creepy and exciting. I am always super impressed when actors in the film are also directing the film and do a great job of both.

Druid Peak

I cried during this more than I’ve cried during a movie in a long time. And I cry a lot during movies. Honestly, even watching the trailer again just now I cried. This film is about a kid who’s having a rough time and goes to live with his estranged father who monitors wolf packs in Wyoming, and then finds himself while learning about and tracking these wolves.¬†Not only is this film totally beautiful to watch because of the landscape and wildlife, but it’s also an intensely heartfelt and touching story. I think there’s just something about seeing someone who is hurting so much and having such a hard time with life find something that fills their heart and brings them a sense of purpose. Spencer, the¬†lead¬†actor, was AMAZING and gave an absolutely masterful performance in this film. Watch out for him. I can’t believe he’s not being cast in every movie right now.

If this shit doesn’t get a theatrical release, I’m going to lose all faith in the film industry.

Druid Peak


It’s hard to talk about this one without tons of spoilers, so here is what their FB page says: “Casey is about a young girl who struggles with her mother’s misguided attempts to show love. She finds escape as an MC in an underground hip-hop club and must decide between taking a stand against her mother, or watching her owns dreams drift away.” Very touching, great characters, and I love how they play with expectation. Very personal connection to some of the material in here and would love to see what they do next.


And now for two wonderful productions at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (admittedly both featuring friends of mine!):

No Homo

A great exploration of sexuality which brings up many interesting questions about relationships, sex, how we like to categorize, and so much more. Funny, but still¬†sensitive. I love seeing plays that explore something I haven’t thought about before.¬†Won hella awards at Fringe, which was well-deserved.

No Homo

Friends Like These

Written by the illustrious Greg Crafts (one of the most hard-working, earnest people I’ve ever met), this play¬†focuses on the interweaving of high school cliques, the isolation and otherness we’ve all felt, and the feelings that lead us to violence.¬†We actually had a reading of this play at my house two years ago and it was so awesome to see it fully realized. They have a really excellent production here¬†with some¬†equally excellent acting work¬†that¬†opened up some great conversations at the Q&A after the show. It’s at San Diego Fringe Festival now, and I’m sure that’s not the last we’ll see of this show. Check it out at the SD Fringe if you’re in the area.


Until next month!


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