#TIL: The One-Headphone Secret

Here’s an Instagrammed up picture of our at-home studio set-up (yes, I finally got on Instagram, at maureenchesus) that we used to record some music for my singing reel:


I feel the need to impart some wisdom from recording today: Mariah and Christina and all those other folks you see wailing away with the headphones half off and their right hand diva gesticulations– they are NOT just being divas and trying to show you how into the song they are. Well, actually I can’t speak for the gesticulating. I don’t know what that’s about. But what I DO know is…

As someone coming from a musical theatre background rather than a recording background, I’m used to hearing myself sing live. In musical theatre, you’re taught to sing for the space; to fill the whole room. You’re using your voice to give love and emotion to the entire theatre, all the way to the back row. When you’re recording, it’s all getting funneled pointedly into the microphone. The mic doesn’t care how full and luscious the sound is as it reverberates throughout the room. It can sound much thinner and weaker. Alex kept telling me that that’s why there are producers who take the recording and work their magic to make it sound full and luscious again. However, the psychological damage this can do while you’re recording is not to be underestimated!!! If you’re used to hearing that fullness, listening to your own playback can be really disorienting and, potentially, very disappointing, which then messes with your head and can screw up your focus on your performance. I tried taking one headphone off to see if it would help to hear my actual voice in the room rather than what the recording was picking up and voila! I was able to hear myself sounding normal again. For the rest of the session I felt way more confident and stopped doubting my abilities.

So, don’t judge when you see photos of people in the studio like that! They’re just trying to help themselves do a good job! Oh, and don’t burp into the microphone, because if you do, your boyfriend will keep it and hold it as blackmail.



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